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Before you invest in a fine instrument, it is important to try it out thoroughly.  A trial period, usually a week in length, allows you to take the instrument to your home, rehearsal and/or concert hall to fully evaluate how its voice projects in various conditions.

Musicians can often find a Jansma Violin, Viola or Cello available for purchase immediately.  Contact us for more information. We might have your Jansma, or another fine, rare instrument waiting for you in our collection.

Other musicians prefer to commission an instrument, custom made for them.

Commissioning an Instrument

Whether you've recently heard the reputation of Tim Jansma's instruments or you've long been dreaming of acquiring one for yourself, commissioning an instrument is an easy process. Anticipation is the only challenge, since the time to fill an order takes anywhere from six months to a year.

A trial period commences when the instrument is complete to be sure there is a good match between musician and instrument.

Would you like to learn more details of possibly commissioning a Jansma Violin, Viola or Cello?  Contact us.  We'd love to answer your questions.


"Rachel is at the Meadowmount School of Music in New York this summer.  She said that as she has been playing the violin has seemed to develop even greater richness.  (It may just be that she has adjusted to the new instrument.)  In any case, she said that people who hear her are captivated by it and have been asking her where she got her violin.  In one of her bowing classes both of the other students are older and have "famous" violins.  One is a Guarneri, and I forget what the other is.  Your violin compares quite favorably to both.  Her teacher and the others listening were very impressed with the sound of your violin and thought it the equal of the other instruments.  (Understandably they are hesitant to come right out and pick one as being best, but privately on the phone Rachel said the one you made tops the others.)  Needless to say, Rachel is thrilled with the instrument, and thus likewise, so are Mary and I."

~Daniel E. Keathley
Rachel's Bio

"Your cello likes Arizona just fine and I continue to find great satisfaction in it.  (I'm not missing the Tecchler!  -surely that's a test.)

~Gordon Epperson
Epperson's Bio