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The Work of a Violin Maker

Each violin, viola and cello is designed uniquely - start to finish, one of a kind. Jansma instruments are created with beauty and tone of the finest quality.

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The Design Process

The process of designing a model takes many stages, a process which has evolved over the past 30 years for Tim Jansma. He studies in depth by making exact copies of many of the most beloved historic instruments, including instruments from makers such as Stradivari, the Guarneri family, Gofriller, the Amatis, Guadagnini, etc. Tim is grateful to all the musicians, collectors and dealers over the years who have graciously made these exquisite instruments available to him.

Modification is equally important in understanding proportion, balance and volume of the airspace within the belly of an instrument. When Tim designs his models, he spends months making drawings of outlines, adjusting by fractions of a millimeter here or there for the sake of performance and beauty, all the while applying his knowledge of proportion and resonance.

The Materials

Tonewoods used for Jansma Instruments were carefully selected from Northern Italy and the Balkan Peninsula of southern Europe. Spruce of particular resonant quality grow in isolated stands on the slopes of the Italian Alps. Bosnia has had centuries of disciplined logging practices and growing seasons resulting in maple logs of straight, tight grain and beautifully flamed figure. The tonal qualities of these woods have been prized by luthiers for over five centuries.

The selections of resins suitable for string instrument varnish are numerous, each with their own qualities of clarity, flexibility and durability lend for the perfect combination of an acoustical varnish. The resins used in a Jansma varnish are harvested from regions surrounding the Mediterranean. The varnish applied enhances the vibrational response of the wood and has a clarity with a golden luminescent underglow. Jansma instruments blend easily in an orchestra full of centuries-old instruments. This is due to their finish; deep, warm and rich - qualities found only when using natural, non-synthetic materials and applying them with a slow hand application.

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